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Giant Waves Hit Cruise Ship

Posted on: March 4, 2010

The ship being evacuated

Two people will killed along with fourteen others injured when i twenty-six foot rouge wave his a cruise ship early Wednesday morning.  While cruising around just Northeast of Spain, three, twenty-six foot waves (about nine meters) crashed into the boat one after another.  Cruise line spokesman Michael Maratheftis said that the waves were completely abnormal and couldn’t have been detected.  As a result, five windows on the front side, or port side, of the boat were smashed in killing one German and one Italian.  The ship returned to Barcelona, where the cruise line is based out of, and the fourteen injured were hospitalized for precautions.  Spain’s state news agency reported that a sixty-two year old woman had both of her legs fractured when the waves hit.  The ship had 1,350 passengers and 580 crew members, the Greek ministry said.  All of the passengers on the boat were returned to Barcelona and flown home by the cruise line.


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