The Pendleton Panther

CC Vs. Roy

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Spring training is a very good time for ball players to get loose and ready for the actual season.   Spring training also gives them the opportunity to bring up young prospects and see what they can do.  Many of the times prospects are brought up for spring training but sent back down to triple or even double A pending on where you are.  Usually they say your not ready because spring training no one is 100% healthy, so if your not hitting against 100% healthy pitchers what makes them believe they hit pitchers that are ready to go when they cannot hit from an 85% pitcher in spring training.  A recently traded man, named Roy Holliday who used to play for the Blue Jays and now plays for the Phillies. Roy faces one of the top pitchers in the league (C.C Sebathia).  This will be a great match up and potentially a great match up between leagues.


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