The Pendleton Panther

Missing California Teen’s Remains Possibly Found

Posted on: March 3, 2010

Missing Girl, Chelsea King

A massive search took place over this past weekend for the disappearance of 17 year old Chelsea King of San Diego who attends Poway High School. Hundreds and hundreds of volunteers along with police and search dogs combed areas all around lakes and the woodlands to try and find her. There was a hope to find her alive. She was last sighted on Thursday afternoon at her school before she went on a cross country run. Search parties found her car and cell phone inside Rancho Bernardo Community Park. Remains of a human body were found in a small grave near the shore of Lake Hodges inside the park. It was an extremely secluded and wooded area that is not easily accessible.  Police have arrested registered sex offender, 30 year old John Albert Gardner III, on charges of rape and first degree murder. He is being held in San Diego Central Jail.

There was a candlelight vigil held for her Tuesday night where hundreds of people gathered in honor of Chelsea.

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