The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: March 2, 2010

From a raining Sunday, a trip to the theaters, or laying in bed sick, movies are the key machine. It is the big spot on the weekends, or just by yourself chilling. Movies can be used whenever. Plus there are so many types and movies to choose from, it can fill any situation. For me, movies are perfect for in between school and practice. Relaxes you before intense practice and after stressful school. I swear the movie makers make them for the brain dead  situation for teenagers on the weekends. There is all different types, if you like being scared then horror is for you, of you like to pee your pants then comedy is for you, and if you like mood swings then drama is for you. Whatever fits your mood. But no matter what the situation is or your mood is, there sure to be a movie that fits it.


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