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NY School District closes due to Facebook misunderstandings

Posted on: March 1, 2010

The Massacre at Columbine

Today, schools in Westchester, New York closed down temporarily due to a misunderstanding on Facebook that took place late last night. Last night a parent in the Ardsley School District saw a posting on her daughter’s Facebook wall that was roughly about a planned event that is going to take place on Monday at the high school. What drew to the parent’s immediate attention was the words “combine” and “revenge” being together in the message, with much concerns that another Columbine would happen, she immediately notified the police who then shut down the school the following day for further investigations. 750 students did not go to school as the investigation took place but it turned out that this was merely a misunderstanding. The word “combine” has nothing to do with Columbine. The district’s superintendent announced a statement saying, “Given the hour of the night and the time it took to thoroughly investigate, we all agree that closing the schools and erring on the side of student and staff safety and security was the prudent course to take.” The misinterpretation of the words and phrases allowed the kids to take a day off and laugh at yet another funny Facebook incident.

NY School District closes due to Facebook misunderstandings


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