The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: February 28, 2010

Friends and family of the two girls killed.

Fifteen and sixteen year olds should be enjoying life. They should be going out at night, meeting new people, enjoying their friends, playing sports and studying hard in school. At this age, teenagers begin to think about their future and the options seem endless. There are so many routes and ways to take life and if one fails, he or she still has time to get back up and find a new route. These are also some of the toughest years of our lives by many stretches, but for Gina Gentile and Vanessa Dorwart, they won’t be able to “get up” and choose a new route. This past Thursday, February 25, Miss Gentile and Miss Dorwart were killed instantly after being struck by an Acela Express (train) around 10.30am, in Philadelphia, PA. Friends, family, and classmates were all in tears and shock after news about the accident was released. An examination showed that the two girls had communicated with one another via email and text message expressing their ‘fatalistic” moods and “dark thoughts” about ending their lives. Both deaths were classified as suicides. Both girls, as well as another close friend, left school at 9:30am on Thursday and began making their way to the train station. The third friend pleaded for Gentile and Dorwart to move off of the tracks as the train approached; however, her pleads were ignored. Both families had no idea that their daughters felt the way they did and how serious their feelings were. It came as a total shock to everyone. One father said, “Memories, that’s all I have is memories…I’ll never see her smile again. I’ll never see her beautiful blue eyes. My heart just got ripped out, and I don’t know why.” God bless Miss Gentile and Miss Dorwart as they are in heaven above us, and God bless their families and friends as they move forward during this tragic time.


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