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A huge iceberg has come off Antarctica

Posted on: February 27, 2010

An ice mass the size of the country of Luxembourg (25,000 squared kilometers) has come off the tongue of the Mertz glacier on the East of Antarctica when a giant iceberg known as B-9B collided against it three weeks ago. The total weight of the two pieces of ice that are now aimlessly sailing the Indian Ocean rounds the 700 million tons and it could supply water for one-third of the World’s population in one year. Scientists are afraid that this massive displacement of ice may affect the currents of the World’s oceans and the marine life of the region. This would happen because, when the sweet water from the icebergs melts, it will alter the composition of the salty water, something that can really hurt some of the animal and plant species that live in the bottom of the ocean.
One of the scientists responsible for the Australian Oceanic Division has explained that this incident has no relation at all with climate change, but with the natural movement of ice fragments. 

Moment of the collision


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