The Pendleton Panther

Greece on strike

Posted on: February 24, 2010

The first general strike of the two main Greek Unions, which represent half of the five million workers of the country, has led to the paralysis of some of the main sectors like schools, universities, banks and transports. This last group has even failed to fulfill some of the minimum services. Ferris that travel among the islands have also stopped their services, along with both national and international flights, which led to the closing of the main airports in the country. Only the Stock Market in Athens worked with normality.
The main mobilizations of the workers happened in the cities of Salonica and Athens, where people  were protesting against the austerity plan that Papandreu agreed to  follow two weeks ago in Paris. They shouted things like “Let the rich pay the crisis” and “the people is more important than the markets”. After the demonstrations there were some incidents between the Police and 50 people armed with stones and small handcrafted explosives.

A protestant fights the Police authorities


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