The Pendleton Panther

C. Ronaldo Kicks like a Rugby Player

Posted on: February 23, 2010


Cristiano Ronaldo midfielder for Real Madrid and the Portugal national team is now being compared to rugby players. Cristiano is without doubt the best player in the world, and has the most efficient way of taking a free kick. The way he kicks a ball is almost impossible for a keeper to catch just because the ball has no spin and goes at a incredible velocity. now a days Cristiano is provoking envy among all the players in the world. When teams play against Ronaldo the players try to hurt him or make him feel bad. Also fans whistle at him and don’t let him concentrate. But he is still mature enough to get passed that and play great soccer. His last game he had 2 assist and 1 goal, or I should say “golazo” , he made an incredible free kick to conclude the game in 6-2. Another characteristic of him is his ability on the ball, his tricks and his incredible speed. In other words The perfect player.


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