The Pendleton Panther

Tiger Woods Breaks His Silences

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Tiger Woods

Last Friday, February 19, Tiger Woods finally broke his silence and apologized to his family, fans, and the public for his transgressions. Woods stood at a podium as he read a 13 minute long statement that was mainly about his unfaithful actions towards his wife and children. He stumbled a few times as he read as it was obviously a very serious and intense moment for him. He offered no intimate details of what happened or what will happen next in his life or golf career, but he seemed sincerely sorry for his wrongful actions. Wood’s wife, Elin, did not attend but his mother Kultida was there in the front row, looking quite angry still. His reckless behavior has done some serious damage in his life. He has already lost two corporate endorsements with Accenture and AT&T since the scandal and has ruined his healthy image. The worst of all, he has lost respect in the sports world and upset much of his fans. This is a real lesson for people who are famous, rich and powerful; nothing good will happen if you take advantage of your position. His fans are looking forward to his return but many believe that he is only sorry he got caught.


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