The Pendleton Panther

Pendleton JV goes 3-0 After Mashing Bayshore

Posted on: February 22, 2010

As the clouds started to cover up the sun, and the temperature faded back down to the low 60’s to upper 50’s with the wind blowing around 15 mph, the Pendleton JV team took the field with Hector Ponce on the mound.  Defeating a team from New Jersey at Al Lang field, and Bishop Verot on Wednesday of last week, Pendleton was staring to gain a little bit of momentum on the ball field.  Knowing that Bayshore Highschool was not going to be the most challenging game of the year, Ponce still went out there with a “I will chew your face off,” mentality.  After shutting down the first four batters in the first inning, Ponce then struck out the side on the next.  Sometime during the game, a bloop was hit right over Ponce’s head to second basemen Alfredo Escalera.  Escalera charged the ball but was not able to get to it fast enough.  This was the only hit in all five innings that were played.  Pendleton ten-run-ruled Bayshore in an epic slugfest to keep the undefeated record at bay.


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