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Apolo Ohno Sets US Winter Olympic Record

Posted on: February 22, 2010

Ohno, far right in the midst of the close 1000m finale.

Last night, Apolo Anton Ohno, a short track speed skater for Team USA, set a United States Winter Olympic Record by taking the bronze medal in the Men’s 1000 meter final. This medal marks his 7th Olympic Medal so far in the 3 Olympic Games he has competed in. He surpassed US skater Bonnie Blair’s 6 medal record. The 1000 meter finals race was exhilarating. There were 5 people in the finals race. It was a race between Ohno, 2 racers from South Korea and 2 brothers from Canada. For the majority of the race, Ohno was in second place. With about 2 and a half laps to go, he had a small slip up that caused him to lose all the momentum and speed he had built up. He used his experience and strength to stay on his skates and pushed hard until the end. He fell to last place but with one lap left he fought back with all his might and nabbed the third place bronze medal. He has two more races to look forward to in the Games and said his form of celebration was the fact that he is there soaking in the environment and giving everything he’s got.

On a sidenote, Ohno wears a gold tipped black glove on his left hand for smoothing out his path on turns. On his right hand, he wears the same Footjoy golf glove that many golfers here at the academy use.

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