The Pendleton Panther

President Obama Approves Nuclear Loan

Posted on: February 17, 2010

The United States is on the way to getting two new nuclear power plants.  President Obama has shown his support with the approval of a $8.3 million loan.  The pair of reactors which are set to be built in Burke county, Georgia would help to take some of the pressure off of fossil fuel power plants.  Among the supporters of President Obama’s decision is former presidential candidate and opponent John McCain.  Nuclear power has gone largely untapped since the last power plant was built in the  1970s as economic and environmental concerns have since put the kibosh on nuclear power.  Obama concedes that there are “serious drawbacks” to these fission reactors, but plans to form a bipartisan group of both nuclear experts and politicians to be tasked with improving safety measures regarding the disposal of nuclear waste and the operation of the reactors themselves.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, however, is unlikely to approve the building of the power plant until 2011.

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