The Pendleton Panther

Swine Flu Threatens 2010 World Cup

Posted on: February 16, 2010

South Africa seems to be at risk of a possible swine flu outbreak during the Soccer World Cup this year. According to a Health specialist this June when the World Cup will be going on, there is a high possibility of another H1N1 break out. There are expected to be 450,000 people attending this event which would mean many of those people would have a good chance of getting the virus. Successfully, the Health Department has been able to get 1.3 million does of the vaccine and an additional 3.5 milltion doses. The H1N1 virus world-wide has killed over 15,000 people since its first appearance in ’09. Pregnant women and people with health problem, are most at risk, and will be the first to be vaccinated. Following them will be people at entry points, and people who are involved in sports administration. We can only hope the H1N1 virus does not take its toll during the 2010 World Cup this summer.


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