The Pendleton Panther

Big Bill Released From Hospital

Posted on: February 14, 2010

Bill Clinton

Former President, Bill Clinton, known more for his affair inside the White House, was released from a New York City hospital early Friday. Doctors had to restore a blood flow in one of his coronary arteries. Clinton was very appreciative and thankful for all the hard work his doctors had done and expressed he is fully recovered and ready to continue to recovery efforts in Haiti. The operation was reported as nothing major and it was just a follow up from Clinton’s past surgery in 2004. His lifestyle and diet are better than ever. On a side note, as we continue our discussions in current events particularly pertaining to the national debt, I am beginning to see how much of a success Clinton was in office in terms of our nations economy. I believe if many of his ideas and tactics were still in place today; we may not be nearly the deficit we are in today. Everybody, especially the media, wrap his whole Presidency around the Monica Lewinsky affair and leave out his contributions and hard work he did while he held office for two terms. I wouldn’t mind bringing Clinton back for another term if the constitution allowed for it. Once again, we are thankful “Big Bill” is out of the hospital, healthy, and back on his way to helping the lost souls of Haiti.


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