The Pendleton Panther

Texan Churches up in Flames

Posted on: February 11, 2010

The arson that struck Alabama churches back in 2006 has now hit Texas.  11 churches have been burned so far in what appears to be a patternless arson spree.  The culprits of the Alabama fires still have 9 years left behind bars after being caught for “jokes” that were apparently taken much too far.  Alabama law enforcement told Texas police departments to tune out the public’s sensationalism and to try to find reliable hard evidence.  So far, the only clues are the number of non-religious items pilfered from the churches and burning that suggests multiple people being involved.  Unfortunately, the attacks seem to be random; Methodist, Baptist, Christian Scientist, and even nondenominational churches have fallen victim to the arsonists.  It would appear that whoever the perpetrators are, they are more concerned with destruction than they are with sending a message.


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