The Pendleton Panther

Asian Carp Found in Lake Michigan

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Asian carp–they are extremely adaptable, extremely large and in America, extremely invasive.  These fish which can grow up to 100 pounds have begun to call the Great Lakes their homes.  So severe is their threat that congressional hearings have taken place this week even with the recent and formidable snowfall in D.C..  Lake Michigan is the latest victim to the Asian carp’s invasion, and scientists fear that the carp may replace indigenous species in the hunt for food.  The invasive carp species (the bighead and the silver carp) initially escaped from Louisiana catfish farms back in 1993.  Since then the hardy fish have been spreading north, now even reaching the Canadian border.  Different strategies have been proposed in hampering these carps’ advancement.  Electric fish fences have been favored by some as they would not affect the natural flow of water, but others believe that a full separation of Lake Michigan and the Mississippi river is necessary.


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