The Pendleton Panther

Mass Casualties in Connecticut Blast

Posted on: February 7, 2010

Authorities are saying that a power plant in Hartford, Connecticut exploded today causing many casualties.  Two people have already been pronounced dead while hundreds lay injured.  The State Police told the paper that there were about 50 people inside the building at the time of the blast.  At around 11:30 this morning, gas leaked from the pipes causing a huge fire while construction workers repaired the plant.  Search and Rescue teams are cleaning the plant out now looking for survivors while also being weary on their feet.  Police say the place still has burning embers around and the plant is not 100% safe yet.  People who live just down the street from the plant say they saw flames shooting up from the place and heard loud booms.  One Hartford resident even said that her house shook very violently for a brief amount of time.  Emergency management are airlifting the injured to the nearest hospital.


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