The Pendleton Panther

Good Luck Flying

Posted on: February 7, 2010


It was already freezing cold up in the Northern states and to top things off there has been heavy snowfall and whiteout conditions predicted for areas all over the mid-Atlantic. Already, nearly hundreds of flights have been canceled and more snow and flight cancellations are eminent. School startings have been delayed and many schools have been closed all week. Cities that are enduring the most damage include; Baltimore, Maryland, and Philadelphia. Even Washington DC has a record of two and a half more feet of snow predicted to fall within 24 hours. Delta Airlines has canceled nearly 200 connecting flights and United Express has canceled nearly 400. News stations are reporting that it is best to stay off the road as much as possible and to avoid traveling to other states. For now, people need to stay put within their house as much as possible, until some of the damage can be cleared. As much as I miss Philadelphia and being home, it certainly isn’t the worse thing being in Florida avoiding all the snow and cold weather.


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