The Pendleton Panther

Kelly Clark Goes Through A Slump

Posted on: February 5, 2010

Kelly Clark, a member of the US Snowboard team, struggles with her career.  Clark became a member of the US Snowboard team in 2000 and brought home the gold medal in the 2002 Olympics.  She tried to follow up her victory with another gold at the 2006 Olympics, but left deeply disappointed.  Mike Jankowski, US Snowboarding halfpipe coach, said about Kelly, “You’re constantly having to continue these stellar performances on a regular basis.  Thats really, really difficult for anybody to maintain.  She’s had a great journey so far.”    Ever since her win in 2002, Clark said she felt empty.  Two years after the 2002 Olympics, Clark began to give up.  She cut back her competition schedule because she wasn’t getting the same fulfillment and happiness out of the sport.  After going through such a slump, Kelly Clark enters the 2010 Olympics with an optimistic view and has high hopes.  “Not only am I looking to go back and looking to perform my best and come away with another gold medal.  But I’m really looking to have fun”.


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