The Pendleton Panther

The Batting Stance Guy

Posted on: February 3, 2010

Self described as having the least marketable skill in America, Gar Ryness is “The Batting Stance Guy”.  Gar Ryness is able to perfectly imitate–and parody–nearly any major league baseball player from Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds.  Every nuance of the big leaguer’s set up is captured by the 36 year old adept.  Gar Ryness even registered the domain name “” to entertain the masses.  Ryness’s talent has earned him an interview with David Letterman and several engagements entertaining professional ball clubs.  Gar now tours the country stopping to get laughs out of major league teams.  It’s not just the stances that he has nailed; routines, superstitions, the Batting Stance Guy has it all to a tee.   You may wonder how such a simple act of imitation could be so amusing, but the appeal is more than apparent once you see one of his videos.


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