The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: February 3, 2010

Today at lunch there was a happening that baffled me.  One of my good friends, Louisa Costa was not able to have dinner because she forgot her ID.  I understand here at IMG academies we must uphold a certain amount of responsibility for ourselves, but she’s been living here for over 6 months now, I think we all know she’s not a random person off the streets hoping to get some free food.  I think here at IMG we are always doing something, whether it’s school, sport, or extra curriculars’, that sometimes little things slip our minds, it happens, but why should you not get to eat because of that?  Obviously remembering your ID should not be that difficult, but sometimes it happens, and there should be some other penalty then not being able to eat. As athlete’s we need to make sure we are getting a good amount of food in our bodies to keep us going, Not only was Louisa Costa not able to eat, they would not even let her simply sit in the cafeteria. Maybe I am missing the point they are trying to make, but I think it is a little bit extreme not to let her nourish her body because she accidentally forgot her ID.


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