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China Threatening Sanctions amid US-Taiwan Arms Deal

Posted on: February 3, 2010

China Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei speaking about the arms deal.

The United States recently struck a $6.4 billion dollars arms deal with Taiwan on Sunday. The sale included the purchase of 60 Black Hawk Helicopters, 114 advanced Patriot air defense missiles; a pair of Osprey mine-hunting ships; and many sets of advanced communications systems. China has been severely opposed to the sale of F-16 fighter jets and should be relieved that they weren’t included in the sale.

The relationship between China and Taiwan has always been very fickle since the 40s. After this deal was made public, China was extremely angered and unhappy with the United States decision since China has repetitively tried to prevent such a deal. China threatened to put sanctions on various American companies that sold the weapons to Taiwan. This is their method of protest. Officials in Beijing suspended many visits that were originally scheduled between the US and Chinese militaries.

According to sources at CNN, “The State Department described the latest round of arms sales to Taiwan as a way to guarantee security and stability, despite China’s objections. “This is a clear demonstration of the commitment this administration has to provide Taiwan with defensive weapons it needs and as provided for in the Taiwan Relations Act,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Friday. He said the action is consistent with Washington’s “one-China” policy and will help maintain security and stability across the Taiwan Strait. The arms sales come as the United States is hoping to persuade China to sign on to harsher sanctions against Iran and just after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized China for its policies relating to the Internet.”

The fact that China is so opposed shows that they are a bit afraid of any power given to Taiwan. They still hold the belief that Taiwan is land owned by China and have threatened to invade the moment Taiwan declares its independence. I feel that this is a very touchy situation for the United States as well as China. We can only wait to see how this plays out.


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