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What Happens to Those 3D Glasses?

Posted on: February 2, 2010

3D Glasses

Most of you have probably seen a movie in 3D at some point and may have noticed the 3D Glasses recycling bin outside of the theatre.  You may have even wondered, what happens to those 3D glasses?  There are four companies that provide 3D glasses and they are IMAX, Real-D, XpanD, and Dolby Laboratories.  Each company has their own recycling program for their 3D glasses.  IMAX says its glasses can be washed up to 500 times.  IMAX told USA Today, “When we put them through our glasses-cleaning machine, they come out as clean and sterile as they come out of a dishwasher at a restaurant.”  XpanD’s glasses are built very tough so they can be washed multiple times.  Michael Williams from XpanD said “under 120 degrees or you might have a little gob of plastic”.  Real-D has the largest amount of 3D glasses that are used and have accounted 700,000 glasses used in a day.  Their glasses are shipped out to a cleaning facility near Los Angeles and are cleaned, inspected for defects, and then shipped back out.


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