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Movies on the theatre

Posted on: February 1, 2010


these days not so much movies are coming out as good movies. But 2010 has brought us some good movies like, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, When in Rome and The Twilight saga New moon. First I will start with Avatar, Avatar is about This group of natives called Na’vi, these creatures are beign invaded by humans for precious rocks. So one of the recruits of the humans witch is supposed to convince them to move falls in love with their culture and their way of life. Now I will pass with Sherlock Holmes, This movie is about this undercover spy that takes only special types of cases, The case in the movie is trying to catch Blackwood. Blackwood is a supposed “magician” that has bad plans for the world but in the end we now that he is just a fraud. And to end this review we will finish with When in Rome, This movie is about this girl looking for love in Italy. The girl goes to the fountain ofTrevi and she instead of throwing a penny she takes one from the water and the person that dropped that coin follows her everywhere.


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spg…. this needs some editing work.

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