The Pendleton Panther

Super Bowl and Olympic Security

Posted on: January 31, 2010

In light of the recent attempts of terrorism on Christmas Day, the government has increased security operations for the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics. Sports and government officials saw many lapses in the previous security that was set up, because of this they are adjusting with increased screening efforts. More full body scanners are being provided for the airports and possibly for Olympic venues as well.

Olympic Security

This increase in safety with help ease the mind of both the audience and the athletes and make for a more enjoyable experience, especially for the Olympics. The Olympics works hard to represent peace and unity between the world, and a terrorist attack would be destructive of that goal. Thankfully, government officials are now working hard to update their technology in order to make for a safer and more relaxed environment. The Olympic committee is working hard to heighten awareness of possible terrorist attacks to both athletes and observers, and this new security protocol with aid the committee in getting this message across.


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