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Hits For Kids

Posted on: January 31, 2010

Not only is Kevin Youkilis a two time World Series champion, an American League gold glove first basemen and Red Sox MVP, he is also a “great person.” He recently started the foundation “Hits for Kids.” In this organization he gives back to kids who endure difficult challenges such as, medical or emotional distress. For example, kids who go through the day

Kevin Youkilis

without support from a nurturing or loving family, and also kids who live within a community that lacks the resources for them to grow and learn. His goal is to raise awareness and funds for people who are dealing with these types of challenges. Kevin’s latest charitable undertaking is to equip all the community baseball fields and to increase the safety in Boston so that the kids can enjoy the game they love.

It is great to see that the most talented individuals in baseball are also spending a great amount of time helping those who have not been as fortune as they have and also living up to the fact that kids look up to them as their heroes.


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