The Pendleton Panther

“Facebook” Incident Leads to Gunfire

Posted on: January 31, 2010



Many of us today have the social network “Facebook.” Actually to tell you the truth, every student, peer, and adult I have spoken to, has a Facebook account of his or her own. Even many of my friend’s parents have Facebook, fortunately mine do not. This past Saturday, January 30, a fistfight between two gangs of girls broke out outside of a Southwest Philadelphia high school and left three victims wounded. Facebook turned out to be where the “conflict” started. Girls from both gangs verbally assaulted one another via Facebook and agreed to meet later that night. Never the less, 15 shots were fired that night as a result of an “online” dispute. Facebook is a plus in many ways, as I have one myself. It allows people to communicate with their peers at the touch of a button and keep in contact with peers who are half way across the world. I have noticed that nearly every IMG student on campus has a Facebook or some sort of social networking in order to communicate with so many foreign friends. Many relationships develop on Facebook and it is no doubt a great way to express who you are. However, as seen through this incident here, you must be careful what you say on the Internet and who you end up getting involved with. Had these girls not had access to Facebook, harsh words could have prevented and in the end more importantly, so could have 15 gunshots.


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