The Pendleton Panther

What is right for you?

Posted on: January 27, 2010

How do you know a college is right for you? Is it the location? The reputation? The culture? Being a junior in highschool it has become about time to start deciding what type of school is right for me. When I hear other people talking about schools sometimes it seems like people are choosing certain colleges/universities based on just reputation or just where it is. Of course going to an IV league school would be great, but should you go there just because of its reputation? no. Should you go to Stanford University just because the campus is beautiful? no. When choosing a school I think it is important that it fits you as a whole. I think as athletes especially since many of us have dreams of becoming pros with our sport we should also consider what if that dream does not come true, its important that we have a good education to back us up.


Sometimes people think a certain school is right for them, but in reality they just haven’t really seen any other schools, its important to keep your options open because you never know how you may feel when it comes to decision-making time.


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