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The Next Derek Jeter

Posted on: January 27, 2010

According to Fanhouse there is an upcoming prospect in the Rays organization that might be “The next Derek Jeter”. His name is Desmond Jennings, he is 6’2 with 180 pounds of muscle.  He has the potential to be a great baseball player with his innate awareness and skill.  Last year, for the triple A affiliate of the Rays, the “Durham Bulls”,  he hit .318 with eleven home runs and 68 RBIs as a center fielder. These stats are very similar to those of Derek Jeter.  According to multiple sources, Jennings has the five tools that scouts look for.  His ability to hit to the opposite field is outstanding and another trait that resembles Derek Jeter.  Every year, Desmond improves his instincts at the plate.  His ability to absorb information at the plate is very uncommon for some one as young as him. This year, Jennings will most likely make his debut in the Big Leagues, pending on how well he does will decide if he will stay at the highest level.


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dan, you need to add categories to your Panther posts.

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