The Pendleton Panther

Artillery Booms In The Korean DMZ

Posted on: January 27, 2010

South Korean Helicopters patrol the Southern edge of the DMZ.

Unease between South Korea and the DPRK was exacerbated today when a North Korean ship fired 30 rounds into the Demilitarized Zone in the Yellow Sea as part of a “training exercise”.  South Korean guns countered with nearly 100 warning shots, but the tension momentarily ceased as South Korean officials filed a complaint to the DPRK via fax.  The protest was met only with obstinance and the offending party shot another few dozen shells off.  No warning shots were returned, however, and the conflict simmered down.  Regardless of the outcome of this incident, a frightening precedent has now been set as the DPRK got away with firing artillery into what it formerly considered to be a no-sail zone.  Provocation such as this has been all too common since the DMZ’s establishment in 1956.  The latest incident took place just last November when a North Korean vessel was fired upon after straying too far south.  South Korea’s main fear, at the moment, however, is that North Korea will begin testing short range missiles in the Yellow Sea as they have before.


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