The Pendleton Panther

It’s Never Too Late To Quit

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Being athletes we are told frequently how we should not smoke, but of course there are those few people who decide otherwise. There are those people who may think they are invincible, and smoking won’t affect them. Some are lucky and smoking doesn’t affect them, they are not addicted, they can stop when they want, but then there are those who become addicted and there chances of lung cancer heighten.


But studies show it’s never too late to quit. A review, which was based off trials, showed that patients who quit smoking after being diagnosed with lung cancer are about twice as likely to survive the 5 expected years then those who decide not to stop smoking after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Athletes here at IMG who are of age to purchase cigarettes and have decided to, and have become addicted, can stop smoking. It is never too late. Being athletes especially, it is important to keep our lungs strong.


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