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Avatar: biggest-grossing offshore movie on the foreign circuit

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Avatar one of the greatest movies of 2009, has recently became the biggest-grossing offshore movie in history on the foreign circuit. Overseas Avatar has made $1.288 billion surpassing Titanic’s $1.242 billion international box office record.


Avatar has become the biggest grossing film now in China, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong and Chile.  This is not a surprise to me considering Avatar is now one of my favorite movies. It brought many different view points to mind, and it has such a well written plot. Although here in America Avatar has not surpassed Titanics box office record, it is not too far behind. Avatar earned back half of the money it cost to make the film within a week.  It is also not a surprise that the film writer James Cameron, who wrote Titanic, created another film that’s gravitation was stronger than ever. Not many film writers are lucky enough to be as successful as he has been in the film industry.  I am more than positive Avatar will be a movie that will never be forgotten. We can only hope there will be a sequel.


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