The Pendleton Panther

Here We Go Again…

Posted on: January 24, 2010




As we continue our life here in the U.S, we are currently occupied with a huge national debt problem, the Super Bowl on the horizon, President Obama to make his First State of the Union speech and a guy named Tiger. However, our lives wouldn’t be nearly as hectic and stressful as they are without another little gift recording from our dear friend, Osama bin Laden. Around 9am on January 24th 2010, bin Laden allegedly recorded a new audiotape, which claims his responsibility for attempting to blow up a plane en route to Michigan and warns the United States of future attacks. Bin Laden issued a warning that, “the United States will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in Palestine.” His whole problem now is that we are here enjoying the luxurious lifestyle and his people over in Palestine are suffering a great deal. As a result we must pay for their failures. No one is 100 percent sure that the tape is authentic but one way or another bin Laden continues to instill fear in the American people. This was his first tape released since September 25, 2009. Intelligence experts have reported bin Laden is still living and is located somewhere in the Pakistan-Afghanistan mountain region. However, they have been reporting that for the last nine years and still no one has been able to locate his position, even if he is still alive. Once again our country is faced with controversy and threats but just like before we will act in a responsible manner and defend the country millions of us believe in and love.


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