The Pendleton Panther

Big Baby Davis

Posted on: January 24, 2010

Glen "Big Baby" Davis

Glen “Big Baby” Davis has been fined 25,000$ by the NBA for getting caught on camera saying a certain three word phrase.  The phrase that rhymed with “duck pie stick” was shouted into the stands at fans during a recent game.  When your nickname is “Big Baby” your prone to be made fun of, especially by the opposing fans.  Doc Rivers, the Coach of the Boston Celtics came out with a statement saying, “Glen Davis needs to grow up.”  In my opinion though, if he wasnt grown up, he wouldn’t have the 25,000$ in his bank account to pay the fine.

This is just another example of how athletes cannot get away with anything.  The camera is always on them at all times, and they are never cut a break.  Athletes need to watch what they say or else those fines will add up.  Unless of course, your name is Charles Barkley.


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