The Pendleton Panther

Disaster In Haiti

Posted on: January 20, 2010


Student body I am here today talking to you about what is going on in Haiti. Last week Haiti suffered a 7.0 earthquake leaving 200,000 people dead and 250,000 injured. This week wednesday Haiti suffered another earthquake this time with a 6.0 magnitude. Things there are terrible, people dying of hunger and 1.5 million people homeless. Haiti is passing through a very rough situation that no one would like to be in. So people if you can make a donation to any charity would be very nice on your part and remember that these people have nothing. You can donate money, food anything but please donate. On campus there are starting different types of cooperation ways like, there are cans that people can put canned supplies and fund raisers etc. So please try to cooperate and donate on one of these events, Thank you. And there are different ways like telling parents to give money to charity etc.

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