The Pendleton Panther

Problems for Airlines

Posted on: January 20, 2010



As 2009 came to a close the Airlines suffered their worst drop ever in revenue. It is reported that the total passenger revenue fell 18% in 2009 and this is the largest drop since the 14% plunge in 2001. This past December marked the 14th consecutive month in which there was a drop in airline sales. In simpler terms, the airlines just aren’t making a lot of money these days. In my opinion, that young man who tried to blow up the plane on it’s way to Detroit did not help the situation one bit. Some people are perhaps too scared to fly, others don’t want to endure the hustle and others feel it is simply just too much money to pay for plane tickets and luggage when they could be driving themselves. Times are even more difficult for people flying on international flights as security is very closely monitored after the incident nearly a month ago. Airlines are clearly unhappy with the declining revenue and some airlines have even begun to offer high speed Internet while in flight to attract more passengers. In the end, I believe that airlines will have no choice but to lower the price of tickets if they want to continue to attract people to fly.


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