The Pendleton Panther

Cold in Florida?

Posted on: January 8, 2010

Blue skies..

You may have noticed the weather in Florida recently has been cold and not very pleasant to play sports. For most people from the north, this weather is not cold compared to home. But for Florida standards, this is about as cold as it gets. Many Floridians are not use to this weather and think it is too cold to do anything outside. But pretty much everywhere else in the country, there is snow and ice and weather more severe than it is here. It is time to just get tough and push through the cold until spring comes, and the weather starts to warm up again. If you remember last year it got pretty cold at this time as well. Just think to yourself that this weather is better than everywhere else in the country. And as they say, IMG this is the world’s toughest playground and we can’t let a little cold weather get to us!


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