The Pendleton Panther throws out 5,000 members for gaining weight!

Posted on: January 6, 2010

The social networking site solely for beautiful and thin people has expelled 5,000 of its members for overeating and piling on pounds over the Christmas holidays. The site has 550,000 members worldwide and they have a strict ban on ‘ugly people’ and ‘fat people’. Most of the people that were ‘deleted’ are from the UK, US and Canada. They had sadly enjoyed their holidays, ate well, got themselves photographed and foolishly uploaded their pictures onto the site! Expelled members were advised to re-apply by submitting new photos of themselves once they became thinner. Members of the site get to choose which member is allowed to stay on the site or who gets to be expelled by voting:  “No Way, Yes Definitely, Hmm Yes, OK, No Definitely Not”! In order to soften the blow, the site recommends fitness centers to those who have been expelled. Interestingly there have been many fresh applications to join the site, with the majority of applicants coming from Brazil.

The "most beautiful" website on the net


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