The Pendleton Panther

Too Much Snow!

Posted on: January 5, 2010

Snow near the Big Ben

Over the last few weeks, England has had quite a bit of snow.  It is a few years since I could last remember it snowing at my house, which shows just how rare it is.  About 1 week ago, there was some snow but people could still travel around the country.  Many people enjoyed the usual fun in the snow.  It made a big difference to the weather England normally gets.  When I woke up this morning (ready to go to the airport to fly back to Florida) and looked outside, I was shocked at how much snow their was.  The snow was nearly a foot and a half deep.  The snow put a white blanket over everything in sight.  We set off for the airport, 1 hour later and 1 mile away from my house we decided that we should probably turn back.  The roads were almost impossible to drive on and the amount of people trying to get to work and school added to the large problem.  The snow was so bad that the airport was closed.  I now have to hope that I will be able to fly later on in the week.


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