The Pendleton Panther

Temperatures Going Lower

Posted on: January 5, 2010


Snow Storm

In recent days, the United Sates has experienced serious drops in temperature all over the country. There have even been warnings of below freezing in some parts of the country. Meteorologists say that on Tuesday morning in some parts of the South there will be records in low temperatures. Some parts of northern Florida and Alabama have even gone as cold as -20 degrees. There are warnings of temperatures getting even colder during the weekend. Here at IMG, we hope it’s not cold because it really doesn’t help our the sport. Playing golf in cold weather is miserable, you can’t feel your hands and its hard to swing a club. It is really important that people take the precautions and are dressed properly for the cold weather. Florida is known for its hot weather and its sun and thats why many people are not used to this type of weather and its hard to stay on it, we hope everything comes back to normal and we get hot weather again.


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