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Worlds Tallest Tower

Posted on: January 4, 2010


Worlds Tallest Building

Monday, Dubai introduced the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. It is estimated to be nearly 160 plus stories tall (818 meters) and is a monumental architectural achievement. Within the tower are a luxury hotel, apartments and offices. This has been a six-year project, which, is finally being revealed and ready to be the face of the up and coming country, Dubai. The building is described as “a bold global icon that will serve as a model for future urban center.” However, with this new extravagant building comes a huge amount of debt and financial burdens. Many feel that the building is a “bad idea,” as it is said to use as much electricity as the city itself. Not to mention there are nearly 30 or 40 floors within the building that are so small that they can only be used for storage. Many ask why spend all the money on this building, when Dubai is already known as one of the most prestigious and fascinating countries in the world. As of now Dubai is $26 billion in debt and just last month it was bailed out of $10 billion by its neighboring city, Abu Dhabi.


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