The Pendleton Panther

It’s All Fun and Games Until…

Posted on: January 4, 2010


Life is Fragile

Kids will be kids, teenagers will be teenagers and even adults will be adults. Life is hard enough as it is with all the stress, worries and expectations. Therefore, why not try to make it more fun? However, sometimes when a certain amount of fun gets to be too much, it can lead to nothing but trouble and in some instances, danger. Thus was the experience of Nicole M. Brock, whose “too much fun” led to the death of one of her loved ones. Arizona teenagers Nicole and Dwight Brock were outside the “Superstition Sprints Mall” Saturday night just playing around and having a good time. Nicole was driving the car and Dwight was jumping in front of the car every so often forcing Nicole to immediately step on the breaks. All was going well until the last time, Nicole, couldn’t step on the breaks in time and then tragedy struck. Dwight was rushed to a hospital in critical condition and not long after, he was declared dead. It was all fun and games until the life of a young boy was taken. We understand that we need to have fun and enjoy ourselves in life, but we must also understand that life is fragile and sometimes it is okay to say, “stop.” Almost every situation in life has positive and negative consequences, but it is when the negatives outweigh the positives that we must stop and review the situation. Life is filled with fun and surprises, but life is fragile and sometimes it ends sooner than we want to, or expect.


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