The Pendleton Panther

Airport madness

Posted on: January 4, 2010

If any terrorist that reads this article is thinking of bombing any plane flying to the United States, I have a piece of advice for him: DON’T DO IT! American people are going crazy with the safety measures in airports and planes these days, after the vain attempt of a terrorist attack in Northwest Flight 523 about to land in Detroit. After some time of calm in American planes, a new post-9/11 has just arrived. Airlines flying to American territory advice passengers to arrive to the airport at least three hours before their flight, to prevent them from not getting to the plane on time. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but the safety measures are actually very similar to the 3000 m. obstacles races. You go through a metal detector, your bag through the x-rays, you get frisked at the gate, they make sure your jacket doesn’t hide anything, they pull everything out of your bag, they put it back in hurriedly… And that’s not all! What actually made me laugh was that when I landed in Atlanta there were policemen at the gate checking everyone’s passports and boarding cards! How could we have gotten into the plane and flown from Madrid without any of those? “We gotta make sure,” they said.

One of the obstacles before getting to the finish line (plane)


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