The Pendleton Panther

Pakistan Refuses To Extend U.S. Visas

Posted on: December 17, 2009

The U.S. Embassy is located in IslamabadAbout 135 government and military personnel involved in various aid packages for Pakistan well find themselves coming home early.  By refusing to extend the visas of those involved, the Pakistan government has in effect rejected the aid that the U.S. has offered.  This refusal is just one example of the anti U.S. sentiment. that has been growing in Pakistan.  Pakistan’s relationship with the U.S. is shaky at best, as the former believe that the latter only intervenes with them when it serves American interests.  The annual $1.5 billion boost to Pakistan fro the U.S. has been construed at a plan to rob them of the sovereignty.  Whatever the reasons, the current distrust has resulted in the U.S. Embassy working with departments that are 40% understaffed.  However, these denials are not final, as the Pakistan government is beginning to realize that certain U.S. programs are quite relevant to their interests.  The mechanics that maintain the aircraft used to fight rebels on Pakistan’s western border, for example, are being issued extended visas once the Pakistan government realized that their air forces would not operate without them.


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