The Pendleton Panther

Christmas Break and Plans

Posted on: December 16, 2009

As the final week before break comes to an end, we all are facing tests and trying to get through those last days of practice. But after that, most people are going home or seeing family. Get to go home, eat regular food and open presents.  Once you get home, what is going to be the first thing you do? With Christmas approaching, many of us are trying to find something for mom, dad or even that special someone. It is so hard to buy for your parents! With not a lot of money but want to get something worth something. Before leaving for break, there a group of people that are not going to be back when you come back. The US National is leaving for good this Thursday. The younger boys are coming in but wish them all luck . Finally enjoy the break, do not do much, eat GOOD food and remember to not study for the finals that are the week when we come back.


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