The Pendleton Panther

Brian Kelly to Notre Dame

Posted on: December 15, 2009

Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly, or I should say former head coach, left Cincinnati last week to become the next head coach at Norte Dame. This all happened after Cincinnati defeated Pittsburgh 45-44 to win the Big East title and they got a bid to play in the Sugar Bowl against Florida. Kelly will not coach the team in there bowl game. This has made national news for ditching his team after leading them to a undefeated season. After the win against Pitt, Cincinnati safety Aaron Webster told reporters that Coach Kelly told them in the locker room that “He loves Cincinnati and I love it here. I’m staying.” Whether Kelly did say that or did not say that, he still left Cincinnati to become Notre Dame’s next head coach. Kelly signed a five year contract which is the same amount of time that the last three head coaches got to try to turn Notre Dame around. The amount of the contract has not yet be released however the amount will most likely make him one of the most high paid coaches in the country. Notre Dame said that they are sure that Kelly will turn the team around and get them back on top of the college football world.  However the five year mark has been set in stone so Kelly will most likely get five years to return Notre Dame to greatness.


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