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Leave the Poor Man Alone

Posted on: December 14, 2009


Tiger Woods

He has been the number one golfer in the world for many years, the first billion dollar athlete, has his own charity that he donates millions of his prize money to and hosts his own golf tournament every year. I say, give the guy a break. Every sports station you turn on and every paper you open, there is Tiger Woods. Granted, Woods has made some mistakes in the past few years as allegations link him to numerous different women, but considering what so many other athletes get away with, Tiger Woods is doing a pretty good job. Many professional athletes only care about themselves, do not perform charity work, are often found at strip-clubs, handling weapons or drugs, and many athletes do not have the will and desire to get better. After everything that Woods has done, up until this incident, many would think he’s not human as he rarely makes a mistake on the course, let alone off the course. The media doesn’t understand the pressure and spotlight that Woods is under. Granted, Woods did make a mistake; it was wrong to cheat on his wife once or several times but I think Woods knows that himself and doesn’t need the media bringing it up everyday and constantly harassing him about it. Woods has lost sponsorships, mostly likely his wife, possibly custody of his kids and the respect of millions of people. The man made a mistake, a big mistake, and I’m sure he will reflect and learn from this. As time goes on, the Woods saga will become less and less popular but his image has been tarnished for life and it is a burden he has to live with. I feel bad for the man in a sense for all the negativity he has taken, especially after all he has given to the game, the less fortunate and the lessons he has taught to upcoming athletes and adults. Woods will rebound from this and continue to work on and off the field as hard as he can to restore his reputation. Woods has already proved to everyone how successful he can be and he will continue to quiet the critics when he makes that final put on the 18th. Woods may be down, but we can never count him out.


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