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Christmas Strike – British Airways

Posted on: December 14, 2009

British Airways is very likely to cause some serious trouble this Christmas break. 92% of the employees voted in favor of a strike that would start on December 22nd and last for 12 days. The consequences of this strike would be disastrous. The british paper The Guardian has calculated that this strike would affect 1 million passengers, as well as create serious trouble in Heathrow, one of the neuralgic points of European aerial traffic.
The strike is called as a protest for the company’s plans of firing 1700 employees and freezing the salaries for the next two years. Trade unions and company have until next week to reach an agreement that will avoid a halt that would very probably hurt a company with financial problems. It is BA’s first strike since 1997.
The company had announced a fusion agreement with Spanish airline Iberia last month, so it is still unclear how it would affect them. As many people from IMG are going back home for Christmas, let’s hope everything goes back to normal and they can have a safe trip.

British Airways planes won't have too much work these Christmas


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