The Pendleton Panther

Bleach Attack

Posted on: December 14, 2009

The movie theater.

Just recently, a 16 year old boy attacked a 46 year old woman by pouring bleach on her.  Mrs Warden, the woman who was attacked was eating at Ben & Jerry’s along with her family.  Previous to eating at Ben & Jerry’s, she went to watch Harry Potter at the cinemas.  Whilst she was watching the movie, she asked the boy to be quiet.  The boy apparently left the movie, went to a service station and bought a bottle of bleach.  He then drove back to the area where the movie theater was, walked into the restaurant and poured bleach over Mrs Warden’s head.  Mrs Warden had to go to the hospital but luckily there were no serious injuries.  The boy was taken to court and recently, the jury charged him.  They believed that he had committed a crime worse than bodily harm.  The sentencing will take place on January 11th, when they will decided what the punishment will be.


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